Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winter Shirt Switcharoo

bad photos taken from ipad

I don't know how many of you actually do this, but being the cheapy girl that I am, I do. 

For a few years now I have been cutting these kinds of sleeves off the kids shirts so they can wear them in the summer too. 

I have to admit sometimes I search for these types of shirts in the winter just so I can get double use out of them ;)

Every year we buy the kids these shirts that have the look of two shirts.  You know the ones with a long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve shirt. 

Anyhoo if you look under the sleeve of the shirt you will see a stitch that connects the material together.  This is great because once you remove the long sleeve right under the short sleeve; you can't even tell it was ever a long sleeve to begin with. 

Now the kids have summer shirts, and I get to save money.
I wonder, does anyone else do this?  What are some ways you reuse clothes?  I'm quit interested, maybe I can learn a thing or two :) 

Have a lovely weekend!!!

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