Home Inspiration

I know this may seem silly to most, but even though I do not have a home of my own yet I still dream of the 
day when I can decorate it and make it our own.  

So I have designed a few mood boards that are what my room inspirations look like.  And yes most of my inspirations come from Pottery Barn, (that is my favorite store) and a few others, and no I do not intend on paying the Pottery barn price. I hope to recreate the look for a much, much cheaper price by either making it myself, or finding similar items from thrift stores or yard sales and even sale items from other stores. 

 I don't see the harm in planning ahead, do you? Also I'm sure it may change but for now this is what I got.
Dinning Room
Everything is from Pottery Barn except the school house pendent is from Amazon, and the bar stool cushion is from  Ballard Designs

Everything is from Pottery Barn except the ottoman

Master Bedroom
Everything from Pottery Barn
Heavenly's room
Everything is from Ikea except the floor light is from PB Teen,  Jenny Lind Bed is from Land Of Nod, Bedding is from Pottery Barn, and clear acrylic chair is from Amazon 
Ross and Russell's room
Everything is from Restoration Hardware except the sconce which is from PB Kids

Told ya I'm obsessed with Pottery Barn,  but no way would I pay full price, or sometimes even a quarter of what these items cost.  Heck if its not going to be a lot of fun recreating these items, and being extra thrifty in the process :)