Monday, March 26, 2012

Why I Started Blogging

I'm sure people who know me, and even those who do not know me are wondering "why is she blogging? What could she possibly have to say that is so important? And why should I care what she has to say?"

The answer is simple, first of all I have nothing of any real importance to say, and I have no real reason why you should read my posts.

I know, heck of a sales pitch huh.

But seriously, I have always wanted to start a blog, but I wanted to wait until we bought our house and I could blog all about renovating, DIY. etc.   I love writing, and I love reading other DIY blogs.  However, being the impatient human that I am, I could not wait any longer; I knew that it was going to be a loooong time before we are able to buy a house. 

I just have no patience, and sometimes I have a hard time seeing the bigger picture.  Sometimes things move too slowly for me and I get antsy.  So much so, that I end up sabotaging things, and end up suffering the consequences later. 

I didn't want this to be one of those times, so I started my blog early, hoping that it will be a good way to release some of the frustration, and hopeless anxious feelings that sometimes washes over me and takes a strong hold on my day. 

I know that God has some big plans in store for myself, and my family, I know it's just around the corner before I start seeing the results, I know he has already started in on us and it's just a matter of time, I know this so much so that I can feel it, every piece of my body and soul can feel it.

But, why is it so hard to submit, and wait for his perfect timing?

It's always His timing, not ours, we may think that we are in control, and that we say when, but really, only HE can say go.

So that is why I started blogging, not because I have a lot to say, or that my ideas are better than anyone else's (because there're not), but because I'm trying to be patient while waiting for Gods perfect timing.

So in the mean time I do hope that you will continue to follow me, because I want you there when our time comes.  And then maybe I will have even better things to blog about ;)


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