Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's a Twister!

Or two, or three, actually, they still have yet to count the many tornadoes that touched down today.

From HD Chopper 8. What appears to be a trailer being tossed through the air by
tornado south of Dallas.

I had every intention of writing a post today, unfortunately I have been very busy hanging out in my little closet in the bedroom with my brave little firefighter. We are so blessed to still have a roof over our heads right now, many people do not. EVERYONE in the DFW is blessed because according to our news station no one has been hurt, and no one has lost their lives.  God is GOOD!!!
taken from our car while Ryan was on his way home to Ross and  I
My big fireman is at the fire station right now because everyone from shift B is in Lancaster helping out. Today has been one very crazy day to say the very least, and I'm sure all of my fellow DFW peeps would defiantly agree.   Please say a prayer for the people who have lost their homes today, and pray for the people who are about to be in the way of this storm as it moves on East.

Just some of the damage that these storms produced.

Today was a challenge, but tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully tornado free. :)

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