Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strawberry Teeth Whitening Treatment

Strawberries are one of my most favorite fruits to eat.  Their juicy delicious yumminess is stock full of antioxidants, vitamin C and B-6.  This is why I decided to dedicate a few of my posts to them.  While skimming the Internet a few weeks ago I came across many uses for strawberries and I wanted to share a few with all you beautiful people. 

 Not only are strawberries so yummy and healthy to eat they are also good for other things as well.  One very refreshing face mask is made using strawberries (stay tuned for that post another time). But something I learned from Dr. Oz is that strawberries are also used as a homemade healthy teeth whitening treatment. 
Who knew?? Certainly not me. 

I have to admit whitening teeth with anything acidic sounds a bit risky, but according to Dr. Oz the chemicals in the strawberries will help strip the yellow from your teeth. 
Who am I to question Dr. Oz???

So if you are a cheapy like me and dont  want to fork over the amount of money it costs to buy Crest Strips, or have your teeth whitened professionally, and if you're a bit crazy for homemade remedies like I am, than you should defiantly give this method a try. 

All you do is take a couple strawberries and puree them, add a little to your tooth brush and apply to the teeth, let sit for 1 min then rinse.  Make sure to brush afterwards with a fluoride tooth paste and then floss. 

I have only been doing this once a week for the last couple of weeks and I have to say they do feel and look a little more polished.

Another good teeth whitening treatment that I always did was just plain baking soda and peroxide.  However I must say the taste of the strawberries is a much more pleasant taste.  
                                           hmm what do you think, to good to be true??

So I wonder how many other people knew about using strawberries as a teeth whitener??  

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