Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Picture Frame redo

You know those cheap frames you find in the middle isles at Wal-Mart?  The ones that are marked down to $3 or $5.  Well I bought four $3 boring wood picture frames that look like this.

I forgot to take the picture with the original mat...sorry, picture it a lighter off white color

Not that there is anything wrong with them, they just don't go with my style, just not me.

Because of this I made them look like this instead. 

Very Nautical I think

Ahh much better, what do you think??  I ABSOLUTLY LOVE them J

It was super easy, I made sure to buy the frames with the mat in them, and took some fabric that I already owned and wrapped it around the mat and glued it down.

Next I sanded the picture frame just a bit so the paint would stick to it better, then I just painted the frames all white.    Easy peasy, and a thrifty way to add style to your old frames.

 My inspiration came from Katie, she has tons of great ideas.

For just $12 I now have four nice new picture frames, now I just need to find some pictures to put in them, I'm thinking beach photos :)

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  1. Great makeover! Such a simple change, but it looks so much better!