Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mason Jar Love

The love I have for mason jars is insane.  Apparently though, I am not the only person who loves these fun jars they are EVERYWHERE.  All over Pinterest, and all over different DIY blogs people are showing off their love for mason jars.  I have to say though, I have since forever really liked the look of mason jars, they bring me back to a sweet time, a time when everything was more simple.
  Not only are these wonderful creations SUPER cute they are EXTREMELY functional.  

I love all the different ways to use mason jars, and all the different crafts one can do using them. 
 Starting next week I will be doing one mason jar creation each day, for a total of five different mason jar crafts. Here are a few of my favorite DIY crafts using mason jars.  I found all of these photos on Pinterst.
Find this craft here
find these mason soap dispensers  here

Find these jars here

Find this mason jar chandelier at Etsy

Find this really neat mason jar craft here

Photo by Beth Helmstetter

Martha Stewart Crafts

This fun idea was found here

Image from The Decorated Cookie via  Design Crush

Find these here

These beauties are from Crafts by Amanda 

How fun are all of these great ideas, I can't WAITE to get started!!!

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