Friday, March 23, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Parat Mirror

Take a look at these lovelies....

                  PB FOUND PARAT MIRROR

I have had my eyes on these mirrors from PB since I first set eyes on them last year.  Unfortunately at $80 for three, they really aren't in my budget, and never will be.   

But I noticed all they are is just little wood bowls with mirrors, how hard can that really be to duplicate.
Not too hard I'm sure, so I went out and bought four vintage style wood bowls at a thrift store in Dallas about six months ago.  

I love the wood  look, too bad ;)
At first I thought how much I would love to take my bowls and make them look like the PB version, but since I want these for the Master Bedroom someday, and because the MB could use a lighter touch...
MB inspiration board found under my home inspirations page

I decided then that they should be white

These are the backs so they will not show at all, and yes, I did go over the weird tag that would not budge at all

After three coats of white paint they are still not done :(  Hopefully they will be done on Monday granted I find mirrors to fit.  

*Happy Friday, and I hope you have a very Blessed week*

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