The love I have for mason jars is insane.  Apparently though, I am not the only person who loves these fun jars they are EVERYWHERE.  All over Pinterest, and all over different DIY blogs people are showing off their love for mason jars.  I have to say though, I have since forever really liked the look of mason jars, they bring me back to a sweet time, a time when everything was more simple.
  Not only are these wonderful creations SUPER cute they are EXTREMELY functional.  

I love all the different ways to use mason jars, and all the different crafts one can do using them. 
 Starting next week I will be doing one mason jar creation each day, for a total of five different mason jar crafts. Here are a few of my favorite DIY crafts using mason jars.  I found all of these photos on Pinterst.
Find this craft here
find these mason soap dispensers  here

Find these jars here

Find this mason jar chandelier at Etsy

Find this really neat mason jar craft here

Photo by Beth Helmstetter

Martha Stewart Crafts

This fun idea was found here

Image from The Decorated Cookie via  Design Crush

Find these here

These beauties are from Crafts by Amanda 

How fun are all of these great ideas, I can't WAITE to get started!!!
                 Take a look at these lovelies....

Being thrifty means finding the beauty in simple cheap things, and using them for whatever you can.  As I mentioned last week I LOVE mason jars and I happen to have a few lying around so I wanted to do some simple crafts that I found on Pinterest using mason jars.  The first craft I did came from this picture inspiration found here

I loved that bright yellow (yellow is my favorite color) and I loved how they used them as simple vases. These would look lovely in a kitchen window on a beautiful bright spring or summer day. 
One thing I decided to change up was the color, because even though yellow is my favorite color I also love a soft green, so I decided to get my paints out that I bought at Michaels  on clearance for $1.50 each, and then I got to work painting.

             I did them yesterday and let them dry over night. What do you think???????

Please excuse these bad photos, I'm no good at taking pictures.

 I LOVE them, they make me smile J

Now if only someone could teach me how to take better pictures. 

Today I decided to do something super simple but I think very useful.

  I decided to make little chalkboard name tags for the jars to distinguish whose cup is whose.   I got the idea from this inspiration photo. 
Find this photo here

Of course I did change mine up just a bit.  What do ya think??? 

I promise eventually I will learn to take better photos.

The kids LOVE them, and I pretty much do too J

I just used some chalkboard paper that cost $1.50 at Michaels, and reused an old ALDI brown paper bag.  I cut circles out of each and tied them on with some twine that I already had.

  It’s thriftier than always buying paper cups, and I think its way more fun too.  

Pottery Barn Inspired Parat Mirrors

                  PB FOUND PARAT MIRROR

I have had my eyes on these mirrors from PB since I first set eyes on them last year.  Unfortunately at $80 for three, they really aren't in my budget, and never will be.   

But I noticed all they are is just little wood bowls with mirrors, how hard can that really be to duplicate.
Not too hard I'm sure, so I went out and bought four vintage style wood bowls at a thrift store in Dallas about six months ago.  

I love the wood  look, too bad ;)
At first I thought how much I would love to take my bowls and make them look like the PB version, but since I want these for the Master Bedroom someday, and because the MB could use a lighter touch...
MB inspiration board found under my home inspirations page

I decided then that they should be white

These are the backs so they will not show at all, and yes, I did go over the weird tag that would not budge at all

After three coats of white paint they are still not done :(  Hopefully they will be done on Monday granted I find mirrors to fit.  

*Happy Friday, and I hope you have a very Blessed week*

Pottery Barn Parat mirrors

YAY!!!  Finally these little munchkins are done.  Actually they basically have been done for a while now but I couldn't find the right size mirrors anywhere.  I'm telling you I looked at every Wal-Mart, Michaels, hobby lobby, Joann fabrics, and Garden Ridge around.  Which is kinda funny since I know I have seen them all over the place before starting this little project?

Finally I broke down and ordered them off Amazon, I got six for $12, which was not the best deal ever but I really love these mirrors.  The mirrors are beveled and are the perfect size. 

All I did was just hot glue them down, which was the easy part, painting the bowls took forever!!

Lots of coats of white paint, and a lot of waiting for them to dry.  But at last they are done. The parat mirrors cost $79 and mine cost just under $20.  I think my sorta copy cat version is just great.  

I LOVE them :) To see what they looked like before go here

I really am not a good photographer (Ill leave that to my good friend Heather) but I really disliked photographing these mirrors.  Honestly the pictures do NOT do justice they turned out just like I wanted them to. 

And I think they will look great up against navy walls ;)

P.s. Heather I really wish you and your family lived closer, I could really use a personal photographer.  ;)   


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