Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mason Jar Salad Shakers

One of the reasons my husband and I went through "hard times" was because we were never home.  We were always out and about, always taking our kids out to do fun things.  We would go to Chuck E Cheese, Six Flags etc.  But whenever we went out we would spend way too much money on food.  As I mentioned before food took over a large amount of our income.

Now I'm not saying that we don't do these fun things anymore I'm just saying we have learned to do them on the cheap.  One way to do fun family activities more cheap is to eat before you go out, or just pack a lunch and bring it with you.

And what better way to pack your meal than in a mason jar.  Like this.

OK so I will NEVER have a career in photography.  HA!!

Is that not the BEST idea EVER!! I would seriously love to hug the genius who thought this up.  It  reminds me of those old McDonald's salad shakers that they sold like 10 years ago. 

picture found here 

Also its healthy, and keeps up portion control, and not to forget how thrifty it is.  You really do save a TON of money bringing your own food.  And one last thing, since a mason jar is glass it keeps your food cooler longer.  

You don't even have to limit yourself to salad, you could do fruit, pasta, rice, left over casseroles, anything your little heart desires.  Just have fun with it.  

 Lovely little mason jar salad shakers :) 

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