Saturday, July 14, 2012

When I Carried You......

What a crazy emotional week I have had, and it's still not over yet.  So many high and low emotions, and stress over school, kids, our vacation coming up, and everything in between.  I was  unable to post my Pinterest project on time, but will defiantly have it ready to post for Monday.  
I was so excited to get started on it when I got horrible news from my financial adviser, just to turn around the next day and receive great news from said adviser. A lot of praying and more praying.  I prayed that God would just calm me down and give me the strength I needed.  I didn't want him to change the situation, just help me through it.  
But guess what, he went above and beyond just helping my attitude change, he taught me to have more patience in his timing, and put more faith and trust in his plan for me.  He totally changed the situation around for me, seriously he showed me how our Father is there for us ALWAYS!!!! 
He never leaves our side.
 This situation I went through this week reminded me of that poem "Footprints in the Sand" 

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