Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Miracle Cream


Coconut oil has been used for so many things.  People all over really seem to love this stuff.  It seems to be good for EVERYTHING!!! (Even though I would love to better understand how it helps a person loose weight) A couple of things I like to use it for is skin care, and hair care. 

Coconut oil is used as an ingredient in a lot of hair care products, and body products because of its moisturizing benefits.  It's used in many anti dandruff shampoos because it moisturizers the scalp and keeps the scalp from flaking, and itching. 

I like to buy my coconut oil from Walmart because it's 100% coconut oil, there aren't any added ingredients, and at only $10 a jar it's pretty thrifty, especially when you think of all the different ways to use it.  My Coconut oil will last for about a month or more depending on if Mr. Fireman uses it too :) 

To use as a scalp treatment just melt it over boiling water ( don't microwave) until its melted but not too hot, then massage into the scalp making your way down to the ends of your hair. Once you're through with this just wrap your hair in a towel and leave on for 30 min or longer.  Wash hair twice making sure all oil is out, condition, then dry hair as usual.  You will find that not only does your scalp feel good but your hair will feel silky soft.  

To use as a body moisturizer and face moisturizer just add a little to your hands and apply to face and body.  This is best done at night after a nice bath or shower because the oil is kinda heavy.  If you want, and for added benefits, you could add your favorite essential oil mixed into the coconut oil before applying to the body.                

*Don't forget to apply some to your hands and cuticles, remember your hands see age faster then your face does*

So this is what I use coconut oil for, but there are a ton more ideas on the Internet,

what are some ways you use coconut oil? 

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