Monday, April 30, 2012

Heavenly's Not So Thrifty Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated my daughters eleventh birthday, and to save money we decided to do it at the park again this year.  We're trying to save as much mullah as we can for our BIG family vacation to Disney World in August. 

Usually we just buy pizza from either CiCi's or Little Ceasars; at $6 a pizza you can feed a lot of people pretty cheap.   However, this year she requested instead of pizza we have sandwiches, fruit, and veggies.   Since I'm on my 100 day vegan challenge I figured this way at least there would be some healthier choices to choose from.

Now because I am TRYING to be thriftier, I feel I should own up to any mishaps I endure. 

I went in thinking I was going to spend only $20 on food; instead I came out spending over $100 on just food alone.  YIKES!!!  How in the world did I do that??  Seriously??

After thinking about it and going over it in my head I think I figured it out, I was trying to please everyone.  Thinking about what each person would like instead of just thinking about the one person all this was meant for.  One little girl was all I should have thought about, no one else.  You can't please everyone.   Sometimes you just have to buy the cheaper bread, or the cheaper brand of chips and dip.  Who cares really,  at the end of the day the only person who needed to have the best time was her.
The child loves monster High, I think they are UGLY :)

Money is always a good choice!!

And I think she had the best time, don't you???
Now if only I can figure out how to host a cheaper party, Because paying over $100 on just food is for the birds.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Vincent

I'm so excited to announce that by December we will have a new little member to add to our family.  My Sister and Brother in law are expecting their third child, I get to be an Aunt again.....YAY!!!!

I think being an Aunt is one of the most rewarding experiences besides being a mother yourself.  I LOVE it!!!!!

And I cant wait to start planning that baby shower :) 

Congratulations Helen and Gary I love ya'll and cant wait to hold that little baby whom I already love and adore.  Seriously I find it so crazy (in a good way) that one tiny little being can bring out so much love from everyone, it's such an awesome blessing to have all these little ones to love more than yourself, I think words really cant explain.
Baby Vincent

Aunt Crissy loves you Baby Vincent!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vegan Pizza

Last night my family decided they wanted pizza for dinner,
Pizza, which happens to be one of my favorite things to eat is not very vegan friendly.  Especially when you add all the good stuff. 
I have to admit I was NOT too thrilled to have such temptation around me, but because I'm not going to be one of those dieters who refuse to allow others to eat yummy food in front of them, I decided to look up vegan recipes on the Internet.  I came across two really great vegan blogs (even if youre not vegan you should check them out because they are both packed full of great nutritional information).
The blogs are Healthy Happy Life, and Oh She Glows.  I LOVE them both; I think they are both very informative, and inspirational. 
After looking at both of their choices for pizza I ultimately chose this one from Oh She Glows.  It's a Portobello mushroom loaded with veggies, pizza sauce, and vegan cheese.  At first glance I thought it was a stuffed potato.  Ha!!

I did change mine up a bit by not adding the vegan cheese (trying to be as natural as possible) adding fire roasted red pepper hummus instead, and not adding the sauce instead replacing it with thinly sliced tomatoes.  I also added red peppers, black beans, jalapeños, crushed red peppers, cayenne, and a little Italian seasoning. 

At first I was a bit skeptical about the taste, but once it came out of the oven and it browned up nicely like a pizza should, I was pretty excited to try it.  Turns out it was pretty delicious, not as delicious as a pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese, but definitely a good alternative for someone trying to eat healthier.  As for cost, the mushrooms cost $3 for two, the hummus was also $3 and the rest is stuff I buy on a daily basis.  So really the cost for one person was not too bad.  Still within my budget, and a lot healthier too.  Not to mention that there was enough for me to make one for lunch toady as well, so I got two meals out of it.  Not bad at all.

Something I have been searching forever to find is healthy vegan bread; does anyone know of a brand I could try??  I've thought about just giving up and making my own.. 
I don't know though,  defiantly something to think about. J

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

100 Day Vegan Challenge

 Why 100 days?  Because that's how long I have until I go to Disney World with my family, and I can't promise I won't eat park food while I'm there. ;)

A while back I tried very hard to lose weight by going vegan, meaning no animal products whatsoever.  Eating purely just veggies, and fruit, and whole grains, and oh yea a whole bunch of prepackaged, sodium packed, over processed vegan foods that cost a whole lot of mullah.  Needless to say I didn't lose too much weight because I had a hard time sticking to the diet all the time.  Why you ask?
 Because it was too expensive.  It cost a lot of money to eat healthy here in this great country, which is why so many people don't eat the food they should, and also why so many people here in the United States are sick.   
I believe whole heartedly that what we eat has more to do with how sick our bodies get than genetics, or anything else.
 Now that's my opinion, it may not be yours.
When I did go on my last vegan quest I found that it was extremely difficult, not only cause of the cost, but because you don't realize how addicted you are to certain foods, until you don't eat them for a while.  I had migraines for the first few days, stomach cramps, and at times it really made me feel sick. This lasted for the first week.  I believe this is the time when my body was getting all the bad toxins out. 
After that I had more energy, I noticed my skin looked better, my hair was shineier  my nails grew at super speed, and my skin got softer.  (Wow I just explained how Bella looked when she became a vampire)
This was just the appearance part, I also felt better.  My body didn't feel so yucky. 

Once I gave up eating well, I went right back to normal, and I felt gross again. 
Mandy from Biblical Homemaking started doing what she calls The Original Food Diet.  Basically she is eating only the way the Bible directs us to eat in Genesis 1:29 - 30, nothing but whole grains, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and, the way Mandy put it, food you can grow yourself. 
This got me Interested once again to do my very own challenge as well, except my goal is to do it on the cheap. This is a blog about me doing all things thrifty, and  I can't really afford to spend a lot of money on this since I'm sure it's only gonna be me doing it.  I have tried before to get the rest of the household in on this but it was a no go.  Maybe if they see big changes in me, they will feel inspired.
I started yesterday, and I have to say I'm super hungry right now, but I was so proud of myself for eating a cucumber instead of chips late last night.  I'm a big night eater, and that cucumber saved my derrière.  :)
Tonight is pizza night and I have found two great vegan pizza recipes that I got off some really great vegan inspired blogs that I can't wait to try out.  I'm hoping I can stick with it this time;
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Those are words to live by.  Don't you think??

So how many people think this is a good idea, and how many think I'm just crazy??

We shall see.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have A Mouse in the House, and he broke my toe...

I figured Ratatouille was less frightening than a real mouse, but do you see that smirk, that is what I imagine our mouse is doing right now.

So last night or should I say early this morning, I was sleeping very peacefully in my bed when all of a sudden I hear this movement coming from right beneath me.  (I'm a very, very light sleeper) the noise sounds like a small puppy playing with something.  At first I just lay there and pray that the noise will stop and that it's just my imagination, 
oh but no, it doesn't stop in fact it's almost like the dang thing knows he woke me up so now it's okay for him to get even louder. 
So I sit up really fast and without thinking I grab my youngest Ross and dash off the bed taking the biggest step I can towards the door, when I feel a pop and my little pinky toe gives out along with this horrible shooting pain.  

Nope, that don't stop me, I run with my kid to my daughters room and the three of us try to get comfy on a small twin size mattress.  All night long my toe hurts like Hades, and I swear that darn mouse is tormenting me by doing a little dance of victory all over the house and on our heads.  Okay so the last part didn't really happen in real life, but that is what I dreamed about after that.  

Now my toe hurts, and I'm not going near that bedroom.   I hate mice, I feel like they are always laughing at me with their red beady eyes, and ugly little bodies,  we shall see who is laughing when I lay sticky traps, (I'm sorry to anyone who may be offended by a dead mouse).   

Anyhoo to top it off my son is not scared at all, he's looking all over the house to find it.  And my mom says their may be babies.  WHAT!!!  No!! Now I may have to worry about a whole family of mice laughing at me, and violating my privacy.  When will the torture end I ask you???  What am I to do??  I did find a few things but for the most part I think I may just let Mr. Fireman handle it, as long as it's sooner rather then later.

Some natural ways of keeping mice away are;

 1. Peppermint oil, adding a dab of peppermint oil to a cotton swab and placing it all around where the mice might go will keep the mice at bay.  The smell is too strong for them so they will avoid going near it.  (you can bet I'll be doing this, not only to keep that mouse away, but I really love the smell of mint, and peppermint).

2. If you have a cat, you can use used kitty litter sprinkled around the house, this will keep the mouse from entering.  (I'm not a fan of this idea, only cause I don't think the smell would be pleasing to us humans.)

3.  Keep all food particles up off the floor.  

4.  Get a cat!!!  
This is what I may end up doing if the peppermint don't work out.

I really hate mice, its a very close second to snakes which are my biggest Earthly fear.  

So what do you do to get rid of mice in your home??  I feel violated and I want them gone.  this may seem a bit whiny since having a mouse happens to most households, but I have had some crazy experiences with mice in our last home, and all I want is a mouse free home.  Is that really too much to ask for??  I think not.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Miss the 90's

I was on Pinterest  just looking around and came across something from the 90’s, which got me thinking back to my child and teen years, and how much things have changed since then.    
I remember how excited I was to at age 12 get my own phone line, and later progress to a beeper.  Kids today are almost guaranteed a cell phone, which makes life a lot more convenient, I had to walk three miles up the road to the nearest pay phone if my car died, and it did very often actually. (It didn’t help that we lived out in the middle of nowhere land). 
I LOVED the 90’s; everything about it seemed so fun and colorful, VERY colorful. 
Do you remember watching Saved By The Bell, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Boy meets World, Fresh Prince, and Blossom???  Oh how I loved me some Joey Lawrence back then.  I still like him but I would like him better if he grew out his hair. ;)

I remember playing Mall Madness, Girl Talk, and the original Mario on my Nintendo. 
Trapper Keepers were a must have, so were Tamagotchi’s.  I always thought those would be the best thing for the teachers to give to students in home economics class instead of an egg or a flour sack.  Tamagotchi’s, were harder to keep alive. 

I read every single R.L. Stine book that I could get my hands on in the Library.

The style was grunge, and while I did love wearing cut off shorts, Dickey overalls, combat boots, and flannel button up shirts, I really did not like the oily hair that most boys wore.  Not to be a trader to my own generation but, yes I do like the more freshly bathed look.


I remember how impatient I was to grow up and move out, I wanted to go live in California and marry Joey Lawrence and adopt ten babies.  Ha!!!

Middle School, I'm the one in white, love the bushy eyebrows and blonde hair..ha!
The picture has a few old blemishes, that is not a zit on my forehead. 

It’s funny how over the years my dreams changed and although I did not marry Joey Lawrence, I did marry the man of my dreams, and the man that God sent to me.  I didn’t have ten babies, but I do have the most amazing three that I love and cherish each day more and more. 
Yes I did LOVE the 90’s, but I think I love the now a bit more!!

Our wedding day 2004

Friday, April 20, 2012

Homemade Coconut Milk Whip Cream

Well I had every intention of not writing today, but while on Pinterest the other day I noticed a lot of pins of canned coconut milk turned into whip cream.  I was a bit skeptical but because I love whipped cream and so does Mr. Fireman, and because I have a sensitivity towards dairy I decided to give it a whirl.  

I bought only one can of coconut milk (I didn't know how I would like it, so I didn't want to waste any money buying two) I first put it in the freezer while I made dinner, then after about 30 min I put it into the fridge for about an hour. 

When I opened the can I was careful not to shake the can or tip it as advised by people on Pinterest, there is supposed to be a little bit of coconut water that separates from the cream, however mine was pure cream so I just used it all.

 I put the whole can in a mixing bowl added some vanilla, and powder sugar and mixed it up.  I didn't measure I just added what tasted good to me.  You could also replace the powder sugar with Splenda, or stevia for a healthier mixture. 

Let me just say for someone who is not a huge fan of coconut I was worried about this, but honestly this is my new favorite way to make whip cream.  It's so yummy :). Add some strawberries and chocolate shavings and it turns into a very decadent dessert. 
*Warning*  bad photo

Healthy?  I don't know but it sure is tasty.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cheapest facial ever!!!

Ask anyone who is adamant about taking care to treat their skin with good facial products and they will tell you how expensive it can be.  When I was working for a day spa in FT. Worth a while back we did extensive research on different products that we would potentially use on our guest's.  Let me just say those products were extremely expensive, and chalk full of ingredients I did not want used on my skin. 

One of my favorite expensive skin care brands is called Dermalogica.  I love that stuff so much, everything they use in their products is all natural, but unfortunately I don't like the hefty price tag that comes along with it.  One of my favorite products that they have is their Daily Microfoliant, and at $50 for 2.5oz, it's too expensive for me. 

What I have learned to do is take simple ingredients found in my pantry, and use them for my skin care products.  I love doing research on different ways to clean my face or moisturizer it with clean, natural, and simple ingredients.

So here is a simple list of ingredients I use on my face to save me money. 

*Also I encourage you to do your own research and find some homemade facials that best suit you.*

Cleanser- 1 table spoon of dry milk, 1 table spoon of water, and 1 table spoon of honey, 
the milk hydrates, soothes, and moisturizers, while the honey is a natural astringent that contains natural antibacterial properties.

 You could use a couple drops of tea tree oil if you would like, which is great for people with acne. 

If you would rather make this without using dairy, coconut milk is also a great choice.  I personally like to use dry milk because one box keeps for a long time. 

Face scrub- this is a simple one, just baking soda and plain ole water.  All youre doing here is getting old dead skin off so new skin can show through, and give a healthy glow.    Easy peasy.

Toner- there are so many different homemade toners to try, my favorite so far is just brewing chamomile mint tea, letting it cool and then filling a spritzer that you get at any store with the tea and spitzing the tea all over the face and décolleté.

 This is wonderful to make in the summer, just keep the bottle in the fridge and use for a few days, very refreshing!!
I know this picture don't really go, I just loved how happy it made me feel :)

Night time moisturizer-  Coconut oil mixed with three pierced vitamin E capsules is all you need for a great night time moisturizer.
This is my favorite because I like to get creative using homemade moisturizers.  Unfortunately all of my suggestions are quite heavy and should probably not be used if you plan on going anywhere, unless you like the oily look.

Face mask- I love my homemade chocolate face mask, but I also like to mash up a banana, or avocado and apply to the face and back of hands.  Both of these fruits have really good moisturizing benefits.

Most of these ingredients you will find already in your pantry making this a very thrifty way to take good care of your skin, and it's all natural so you don't have to worry at all about what other chemicals are going into your skin.

So these are just a few of my favorite ingredients, I have a few more but that will be another post another day :)  Do you enjoy making your own skincare products or do you have a favorite brand that you cant tug yourself away from???

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Blah Kinda Week

Wow what a crazy past week it was, and it's still not over!!

I am feeling extremely worn out and I have done nothing.  Do you ever get that way?? We weren't busy this week not really, however three of us have been super sick with this crazy fast acting monstrous bug.  Remember when I thought Russ had food poisoning and Mr. Fireman said it was defiantly from too much chocolate?  Well turns out it was said bug.  A day later Ross and I both fell victim of it, and now I just found out that Mr. Firman may have the same thing right now, problem is he's out in the woods camping with my two older children.  Poor guy L

On top of that I have two finals that are due by tomorrow, I finished up one still have one to go.  I'm very excited because I feel like I'm getting closer to finishing; this October can't come soon enough.  J

Yes I would much rather have been camping instead of stuck in the house doing finals all weekend, but then I wouldn't have been able to spend some Mommy and Rossy time (we refer to Ross as Rossy, I don't really know why).

So that has been my week, I hope y'all had a better week than the Woolever family did. And I hope to be able to have more time to write next week.  
Mr. Fireman sent me this picture Of our son Russ, looks like he's having a good time.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was wonderful.  First we woke up and headed to church, where our pastor gave a wonderful sermon that put me in tears.  Whenever I hear or read about the resurrection of Christ, and the sacrifice he made for us, I get very emotional.  To think one man loves us so much that he was willing to be tortured and die a very horrible death just so that our souls could be saved, is just awe.  There are no words that I could use to describe, this is truly True Love.

 It makes me sad to think those sacrifices he made will still go unnoticed by some, and it also makes me sad because I know that I don't deserve that kind of love, I am a sinful person, yet he loves me that much anyway. 

I got to spend the day with my Mom and dad, my sister her husband and their two kiddos, one of my uncles and his wife, my brother, and of course my hubby and kids. 

Mr. Fireman was supposed to work but he was able to take a little time off to go to church with us, and eat afterwards. 

The whole day was perfect until my oldest son Russell got sick around 9pm and all through the night.    My hubby said he thought it was from too much candy, but I was pretty sure it was food poisoning.  

Mr. Fireman may be right since its the next day and Russell is now jumping around playing his Xbox. 

Since I have been up all night long I'm pretty tired,  and I'm still trying to figure out how Russ whom had no sleep like me is able to jump around the living room like he just got back from taking a vacation, and I'm sitting here on the couch barely able to move and feeling a bit zoombiesh.  (Yea I know that's not a real word, however I'm tired and don't care) 

Oh the side effects of old age.

Did everyone else have a glorious Easter?  Did anybody else have kids who ate too much candy and got sick, even though their parents warned them over and over :) 

My Favorite Song and video, makes me cry every time.  Enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Parat Mirrors Finished!!

Pottery Barn Parat mirrors

YAY!!!  Finally these little munchkins are done.  Actually they basically have been done for a while now but I couldn't find the right size mirrors anywhere.  I'm telling you I looked at every Wal-Mart, Michaels, hobby lobby, Joann fabrics, and Garden Ridge around.  Which is kinda funny since I know I have seen them all over the place before starting this little project?

Finally I broke down and ordered them off Amazon, I got six for $12, which was not the best deal ever but I really love these mirrors.  The mirrors are beveled and are the perfect size. 

All I did was just hot glue them down, which was the easy part, painting the bowls took forever!!

Lots of coats of white paint, and a lot of waiting for them to dry.  But at last they are done. The parat mirrors cost $79 and mine cost just under $20.  I think my sorta copy cat version is just great.  

I LOVE them :) To see what they looked like before go here

I really am not a good photographer (Ill leave that to my good friend Heather) but I really disliked photographing these mirrors.  Honestly the pictures do NOT do justice they turned out just like I wanted them to. 

And I think they will look great up against navy walls ;)

P.s. Heather I really wish you and your family lived closer, I could really use a personal photographer.  ;)   

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Inspired Dollar Tree Drinkware

I have always had a little bit of a fascination with drinking glasses.  I remember when I moved into my first apartment, I went to the Goodwill store and bought $20 worth of just drinking glasses (those of us who go thrift shopping know you can get a lot of drinking glasses for $20).

I dont really know what the big attraction is but I love all different kinds of them.  I especially love vintage glasses.  (I actually love vintage anything)

You may have noticed that lately a lot of department stores have been selling these beautiful vintage inspired hobnail glasses.

Pier One Clear Dots Drinkware $6 for one

PB hobnail outdoor drinkware  $36 for six

I LOVE them!!!

Unfortunately   They are way too costly and I can't imagine paying that much for a set of four glasses, regardless of where they come from.

Last week while I was in Dollar Tree looking for four inch round mirrors for my PB inspired Parat mirror, I came across these beauties.
Dollar Tree Libbey Drinkware $1 each, for a total of $8

They are 8oz clear vintage inspired glasses. While they are not exactly hobnail, they still have that look that I LOVE.  And let me just say these are NOT made cheaply, they are very heavy, and just in time for Easter.  Ya wanna guess how much I paid for all eight?  Only $8 of course.  Everything in that store is $1 . 

I also noticed that there were many other types of drinking glasses that I would love to have, and for only $8 that is a very thrifty way to fill my drinking glass collection.

Anyone else love to collect drinking glasses?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's a Twister!

Or two, or three, actually, they still have yet to count the many tornadoes that touched down today.

From HD Chopper 8. What appears to be a trailer being tossed through the air by
tornado south of Dallas.

I had every intention of writing a post today, unfortunately I have been very busy hanging out in my little closet in the bedroom with my brave little firefighter. We are so blessed to still have a roof over our heads right now, many people do not. EVERYONE in the DFW is blessed because according to our news station no one has been hurt, and no one has lost their lives.  God is GOOD!!!
taken from our car while Ryan was on his way home to Ross and  I
My big fireman is at the fire station right now because everyone from shift B is in Lancaster helping out. Today has been one very crazy day to say the very least, and I'm sure all of my fellow DFW peeps would defiantly agree.   Please say a prayer for the people who have lost their homes today, and pray for the people who are about to be in the way of this storm as it moves on East.

Just some of the damage that these storms produced.

Today was a challenge, but tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully tornado free. :)