Monday, March 12, 2012

Mason Jar Craft #1

Being thrifty means finding the beauty in simple cheap things, and using them for whatever you can.  As I mentioned last week I LOVE mason jars and I happen to have a few lying around so I wanted to do some simple crafts that I found on Pinterest using mason jars.  The first craft I did came from this picture inspiration found here

I loved that bright yellow (yellow is my favorite color) and I loved how they used them as simple vases. These would look lovely in a kitchen window on a beautiful bright spring or summer day. 
One thing I decided to change up was the color, because even though yellow is my favorite color I also love a soft green, so I decided to get my paints out that I bought at Michaels  on clearance for $1.50 each, and then I got to work painting.

             I did them yesterday and let them dry over night. What do you think???????

Please excuse these bad photos, I'm no good at taking pictures.

 I LOVE them, they make me smile J

Now if only someone could teach me how to take better pictures. 

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