Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Miss the 90's

I was on Pinterest  just looking around and came across something from the 90’s, which got me thinking back to my child and teen years, and how much things have changed since then.    
I remember how excited I was to at age 12 get my own phone line, and later progress to a beeper.  Kids today are almost guaranteed a cell phone, which makes life a lot more convenient, I had to walk three miles up the road to the nearest pay phone if my car died, and it did very often actually. (It didn’t help that we lived out in the middle of nowhere land). 
I LOVED the 90’s; everything about it seemed so fun and colorful, VERY colorful. 
Do you remember watching Saved By The Bell, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Boy meets World, Fresh Prince, and Blossom???  Oh how I loved me some Joey Lawrence back then.  I still like him but I would like him better if he grew out his hair. ;)

I remember playing Mall Madness, Girl Talk, and the original Mario on my Nintendo. 
Trapper Keepers were a must have, so were Tamagotchi’s.  I always thought those would be the best thing for the teachers to give to students in home economics class instead of an egg or a flour sack.  Tamagotchi’s, were harder to keep alive. 

I read every single R.L. Stine book that I could get my hands on in the Library.

The style was grunge, and while I did love wearing cut off shorts, Dickey overalls, combat boots, and flannel button up shirts, I really did not like the oily hair that most boys wore.  Not to be a trader to my own generation but, yes I do like the more freshly bathed look.


I remember how impatient I was to grow up and move out, I wanted to go live in California and marry Joey Lawrence and adopt ten babies.  Ha!!!

Middle School, I'm the one in white, love the bushy eyebrows and blonde hair..ha!
The picture has a few old blemishes, that is not a zit on my forehead. 

It’s funny how over the years my dreams changed and although I did not marry Joey Lawrence, I did marry the man of my dreams, and the man that God sent to me.  I didn’t have ten babies, but I do have the most amazing three that I love and cherish each day more and more. 
Yes I did LOVE the 90’s, but I think I love the now a bit more!!

Our wedding day 2004

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