Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Top Five Favorite Fun Activities

*Warning*   this is a super long post

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my husband and I had to learn different ways to have fun with our family while not depriving our children of the things that they were so use to doing. Here is a list of things our kids (and our selves) enjoy.

Six flags.
This is the most expensive up front family fun that we enjoy.  One ticket for one day admission is $56.99 for anyone over 48 inches tall.  And as you may already know (if you know my family) we go a lot during the year. They have so many fun things to enjoy, like freight fest, and holiday in the park.  So that price was killing us before.  For a few years now we have been buying the season passes.  They cost $59.00 each when you by four.
  Um. hello that's only a couple dollars more than one general admission plus you get free parking all year long.  And a coupon book full of free admission tickets for friends, and coupons on food and drinks. Also we buy two six flags cups that can be refilled all year for free with water, or .99 for everything else.  So while it does cost a lot up front, after just two times of going we have already paid for an entire year of fun.  Also Six Flags has recently started a layaway plan for people who want to pay a little at a time, but your still able to enjoy the park as long as your payments are up to date. 
Six Flags

The zoo.
We use to do this a lot more than we do now, but really how many times can you see the same animals over and over again.  For us twice a year. That's about all we need, and it cost $66 for all of us to get in. Still pricy but so long as we eat before we go, and Wait to eat afterwards it's not too bad for twice a year. And because we rarely do go its a treat for the kids when we do.

Chuck E Cheese.
Honestly I will be so happy when all the kids out grow this place.  Unfortunately my husband still loves going so I have a long wait ahead of me. But fortunately for us it's only $20 to enjoy a few hours of fun.  We no longer eat at Chuck E. Cheese; we eat first then spend $20 on 100 tokens.  This gives the three kids and Mr. Fireman about two hours of playtime.  But like the zoo we only do this when we have a little extra money, and want to give the kids a nice little treat.

Drive in movie theatre
This by far is one of my most fav things to do.  Do you know it cost a whopping $50 just for the tickets more if it's in 3D at any regular movie theater, and even more once we buy drinks and popcorn. (Because you have to have drinks and popcorn) The drive in movie here where we live only cost us about $15 for admission and probably a total of $40 when we buy food with the tickets.  A HUGE savings.  Also how fun is it to bring big comfy blankets, pillows, and pj's to the movies. Best summer activity EVER!!!
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The park
This is always fun, and always free!  Just pack a basket full of food let the kids play, and take a nice stroll on the park trail, maybe let the little ones feed the ducks.  This family fun is something we always enjoy, especially when we're broke but want to get out of the house for the day :) 

So this is a small list of family fun activities that we enjoy, and have been able to do on a budget.  What are some activities you enjoy doing with your family that is on the cheaper side?

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  1. First I'll say I love reading your blog! :) also there are lots of coupons for cec they have them on the back of juice boxes always and if you sign up for emails. Usually you can pay 20 bucks for pizza and 60 tokens or occasionally 100 tokens they have really good deals and we go to the zoo when there are living social or other local deals. Those sites have gotten to where as soon as geoupin ends a deal the following month living social will do almost the same deal :) so its fun.