Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring cleaning challenge day #2. Memories in the Closet

Yep I know it's been a few days since SCC #1, but I must admit I have really not been feeling it, but finally today Ryan came home from work and I decided to jump in. 

It only took me two hours to finish up this much, which consisted of removing everything out of the closet, wiping the shelves down with my favorite cleaner, organizing everything then putting it all back in.

Whew.  This may not seem like a big task but let me tell ya, the closet goes back pretty deep and there was a TON of stuff in there.  I even found an old first aid kit that I bought for our trip two years ago, but lost and had to replace.

Anyone who organizes a closet or a room for the first time in a long time can tell you, that you always find the things you have been looking for, or you come across old memories.   I found plenty of old memories. Binkies, baby bibs, wedding stuff, and tons and tons of photos of the kids that I forgot we had.  You know, the ones that you took from all those disposable cameras. 

Anyway back to the subject, I know it may not look like I accomplished much but I will be finishing up very soon.  This is what it looks like as of now.

So hopefully in the next couple of days I will be finished.  I'm also working on a few other things right now, and planning our first trip to Disney World for the summer.  I'm so excited!!!

Anyone besides me take too long to clean a closet out because of old memories?  Or maybe you just have too much other stuff going on right now. Whatever it is I would LOVE to hear about it :) 

Here is a before and after.  You may need glasses, its a tiny picture.

Sorry for the bad lighting, its a hallway people, there is no good lighting in the hallway.

 Not too shabby. 

Have a lovely spring day!!

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