Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Vincent

I'm so excited to announce that by December we will have a new little member to add to our family.  My Sister and Brother in law are expecting their third child, I get to be an Aunt again.....YAY!!!!

I think being an Aunt is one of the most rewarding experiences besides being a mother yourself.  I LOVE it!!!!!

And I cant wait to start planning that baby shower :) 

Congratulations Helen and Gary I love ya'll and cant wait to hold that little baby whom I already love and adore.  Seriously I find it so crazy (in a good way) that one tiny little being can bring out so much love from everyone, it's such an awesome blessing to have all these little ones to love more than yourself, I think words really cant explain.
Baby Vincent

Aunt Crissy loves you Baby Vincent!!!

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