Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have A Mouse in the House, and he broke my toe...

I figured Ratatouille was less frightening than a real mouse, but do you see that smirk, that is what I imagine our mouse is doing right now.

So last night or should I say early this morning, I was sleeping very peacefully in my bed when all of a sudden I hear this movement coming from right beneath me.  (I'm a very, very light sleeper) the noise sounds like a small puppy playing with something.  At first I just lay there and pray that the noise will stop and that it's just my imagination, 
oh but no, it doesn't stop in fact it's almost like the dang thing knows he woke me up so now it's okay for him to get even louder. 
So I sit up really fast and without thinking I grab my youngest Ross and dash off the bed taking the biggest step I can towards the door, when I feel a pop and my little pinky toe gives out along with this horrible shooting pain.  

Nope, that don't stop me, I run with my kid to my daughters room and the three of us try to get comfy on a small twin size mattress.  All night long my toe hurts like Hades, and I swear that darn mouse is tormenting me by doing a little dance of victory all over the house and on our heads.  Okay so the last part didn't really happen in real life, but that is what I dreamed about after that.  

Now my toe hurts, and I'm not going near that bedroom.   I hate mice, I feel like they are always laughing at me with their red beady eyes, and ugly little bodies,  we shall see who is laughing when I lay sticky traps, (I'm sorry to anyone who may be offended by a dead mouse).   

Anyhoo to top it off my son is not scared at all, he's looking all over the house to find it.  And my mom says their may be babies.  WHAT!!!  No!! Now I may have to worry about a whole family of mice laughing at me, and violating my privacy.  When will the torture end I ask you???  What am I to do??  I did find a few things but for the most part I think I may just let Mr. Fireman handle it, as long as it's sooner rather then later.

Some natural ways of keeping mice away are;

 1. Peppermint oil, adding a dab of peppermint oil to a cotton swab and placing it all around where the mice might go will keep the mice at bay.  The smell is too strong for them so they will avoid going near it.  (you can bet I'll be doing this, not only to keep that mouse away, but I really love the smell of mint, and peppermint).

2. If you have a cat, you can use used kitty litter sprinkled around the house, this will keep the mouse from entering.  (I'm not a fan of this idea, only cause I don't think the smell would be pleasing to us humans.)

3.  Keep all food particles up off the floor.  

4.  Get a cat!!!  
This is what I may end up doing if the peppermint don't work out.

I really hate mice, its a very close second to snakes which are my biggest Earthly fear.  

So what do you do to get rid of mice in your home??  I feel violated and I want them gone.  this may seem a bit whiny since having a mouse happens to most households, but I have had some crazy experiences with mice in our last home, and all I want is a mouse free home.  Is that really too much to ask for??  I think not.

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