Monday, April 30, 2012

Heavenly's Not So Thrifty Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated my daughters eleventh birthday, and to save money we decided to do it at the park again this year.  We're trying to save as much mullah as we can for our BIG family vacation to Disney World in August. 

Usually we just buy pizza from either CiCi's or Little Ceasars; at $6 a pizza you can feed a lot of people pretty cheap.   However, this year she requested instead of pizza we have sandwiches, fruit, and veggies.   Since I'm on my 100 day vegan challenge I figured this way at least there would be some healthier choices to choose from.

Now because I am TRYING to be thriftier, I feel I should own up to any mishaps I endure. 

I went in thinking I was going to spend only $20 on food; instead I came out spending over $100 on just food alone.  YIKES!!!  How in the world did I do that??  Seriously??

After thinking about it and going over it in my head I think I figured it out, I was trying to please everyone.  Thinking about what each person would like instead of just thinking about the one person all this was meant for.  One little girl was all I should have thought about, no one else.  You can't please everyone.   Sometimes you just have to buy the cheaper bread, or the cheaper brand of chips and dip.  Who cares really,  at the end of the day the only person who needed to have the best time was her.
The child loves monster High, I think they are UGLY :)

Money is always a good choice!!

And I think she had the best time, don't you???
Now if only I can figure out how to host a cheaper party, Because paying over $100 on just food is for the birds.

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