Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Find

I have a great love for vintage stuff, all the colors of vintage linens, and art, I can sometimes spend all day on Etsy just browsing through the vintage housewares section and wishing that I had thousands of dollars just to buy everything on my favorites list. 

Recently I came across some old vintage advertisements that I fell in love with from this shop I added a few to my favorites list, these are a few that I added.

I love the look on the husbands face

The colors on this print are so happy and bright

Vintage DIY

Last week I gave in and bought one.  Yep I splurged and figured this was my early Birthday present from my hubby.  Guess which one I bought.

1947 original advertisement

Did you guess right??  Of course you did, how could you not?? 
 I LOVE it!!  I love it so much that instead of getting buyers remorse like I usually do, I sort of designed an imaginary room around my pretty vintage print. 

Eventually I plan to display it in a nice white frame, but for now it's just going to sit in the closet waiting for a home.

What are some of your favorites from Etsy??  Do you love vintage stuff as much as I do?

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