Friday, May 25, 2012

I Finally Got Some Common Sense

Here lately I have been itchy, like all over.  I know great way to start a post. 
Seriously though it started with my legs then all over.  and not just a little itchy like drive me crazy itchy.  At first I thought it could be my laundry soap, but I have been using the same brand for a few years.  Then I thought I might have some very weird form of cancer, and might actually be dying after looking up severe itchiness on WebMD.  But when I voiced my concern to Mr. Fireman he just rolled his eyes (he's very use 
to me searching up symptoms on WebMD) and said "its probably just your soap".  

As if I didn't already think of that, but since my body wash is the same brand I have used forever it never crossed my mind.  I figured since I'm getting older my skin must be changing.  So off to the local health food 
store I went to buy some kind of organic body wash. 
 I love looking and smelling all the different natural body washes that are made with actual essential oils, especially anything made with peppermint, lemon, or lavender.  Those three are my favorite scents they just 
put me in a good mood and make me smile.  
Anyhoo, I came across this body wash called Common Sense Peppermint Body Wash made with all natural ingredients and smelled like of course, peppermint. 

Ingredients: mint infusion, castile soap (saponified oils of olive, palm, coconut & castor) , peppermint essential oil,  rosemary extract, & grapefruit seed extract

 I've only been using it for a short time now but already my skin feels so much better.  
I guess Mr. Fireman was right after all. 

So if you are like me and you love smelling like a stick of gum, you should defiantly try some Common Sense.
Oh and My Hubby loves it as well, he has severe allergies and he says when he uses it, it helps him breathe better, and the scent actually carries into the rest of the house.  I was able to smell it all the way in the living room.  Great stuff!!

Has anyone else ever tried this stuff??  If so what did you think of it??  

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I have a graduation to get ready for.  My sweet Nephew is graduating out of Pre-K  today :)

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