Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spicy Kale Chips

Since being on my 100 Day Vegan Challenge I have been trying to replace all my favorite fatty foods with healthier tasty foods.  With so many options to choose from it's not hard to come across a delicious recipe somewhere. 

A while back I bought a bag of kale chips from our local Whole Foods Store as recommended by the store clerk, and was very excited to try these things that everyone had been singing praises about.  Once I took one bite I just knew all those people had to be out of their minds crazy.  Those things were the most nasty tasting things I have ever tried.  I could care less how healthy they were I was not going to eat them.  I ended up wasting $10 (I bought two flavors).  A pretty expensive loss but no one liked them, so what else was I to do??

Later on I came across a recipe for kale chips on allrecipes.com which had great reviews, (more crazy people) but they did look pretty good, and the reviews from everyone was pretty convincing so I decided I was going to make my own and pray for them to turn out better. 


Guess what? My prayers were answered, my kale chips turned out fantastic!!!  I LOVE THEM!!!  Their light and airy and crispy, and Kale is only around three dollars a bag at Walmart. 

I sprayed Pam on them and sprinkled them with sea salt and hot pepper flakes; I set the stove temperature at 350 degrees and let them bake for about 12 minutes.  I ate half the bag in one setting, seriously tasty.  And so healthy. 

I think I'm going to have some spicy kale chips with my vegan burger tonight for dinner.  What are your plans for dinner tonight?? Anyone else love kale chips too???

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