Monday, May 21, 2012

Saying "See Ya" to my 20's

And Hi'ya to my 30's 
My 20's were such a crazy whirlwind time for me, as well as for my hubby.  It first started at age 20 when I was fortunate enough to land my dream job, then I got married to the most wonderful man ever, had a baby making it two, bought a house, lost my dream job, lost my house, had another baby, and started college.  All in that very same order.  Of course other things happened but those were my "main events" sort of speak.  And while I did have some heartbreaks and misfortunes I would not have changed any part of it.  I love where I am today, and I'm very excited to start a new chapter in my life.  
Because I  love setting goals and making list here is what I'm planning for my 30's, and while I'm not really sure what my future holds, I do know that I'm going to make the very best of whatever cards I'm dealt.  So without further adieu my Turning 30's To Do List.


1)    I won't let other people determine my happiness
2)    I will focus more on my family and less on myself
3)    Church will be more of a priority than it has been this last year
4)    The past is just that, and I will remind myself that I can't change it
5)    Visit Colorado with my family
6)    Visit New York with my family
7)    Enjoy watching my daughter turn into a young lady (she will be 20 before I get out of my 30's)
8)    Continue on with my blog
9)    Buy a house
10)   Start nursing school
11)   Finish nursing school
12)   Get fit
13) Join a fitness class (and stick with it)
14)  Learn to love this Texas heat
15)  Take cooking classes with the hubb's

Well that's about it, it's not a very long or even a very exciting list, but I'm sure I can add to it later.  Right now I just want to set small workable goals.

And guess what I'm so happy to be 

I'm curious, what are some goals on your list?? Did you wait till you were 30 to go back to school, or get fit???  

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