Friday, June 29, 2012

Praying for Colorado

If you have been watching the news lately than you probably know that Colorado has been under attack by fire. More than 32,00 people have been evacuated form their homes in the Colorado Springs area, 347 homes destroyed and according to the news there is an untold amount of homes that are damaged. There are over 1,100 firefighters that are fighting those fires along with Hundreds of police officers and other emergency responders.

I'm from A small town outside Colorado Springs,and have a lot of family and friends still there, so this is a very sad time for me. My prayers go out to all the people who have lost their home, or who have had to be evacuated. I pray for all the firefighters, and their families, along with all the other emergency responders and their families as well.

It's so difficult to see those beautiful mountains up in flames, places I remember going as a child with my family are being affected by these fires. It's all very heartbreaking. Please, please pray for relief, and keep all those people in your prayers.
Mirror Lake Ct. Subdivision before

Mirror Lake Court Subdivision after the fires

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