Monday, June 4, 2012

If at First You Don't Succeed.......(Baking Bread)

I have been trying like a mad women to teach myself how to bake bread.  I knew going in that since I didn't have a bread machine it was going to be a bit more challenging, but because I  do LOVE a good challenge I went ahead and gave it the ol' college try.

For my first batch I wanted to make a good whole wheat and whole grain vegan bread.  I guess I added too much "good stuff" to the dough because it came out solid like a rock.  It looked good, smelled great but couldn't cut it with a knife.

Once again I decided that I really wanted this bread, I really wanted to learn how to make bread and I wasn't going to give it a rest until I did.  

So this time I decided that I was going to follow a simple recipe that I found here, and I wasn't going to add anything extra to it.  I did everything to the exact, and guess what?

It worked!!!!

YAY for me, I'm so excited about it that now I cant wait to try and make others.  I love how my whole house smells so yummy while I'm baking bread, it makes my mouth water.  

I'm still working on a few other bread recipes but would love some tips from anyone who makes bread more frequently than me.  

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