Friday, June 22, 2012

Scoring BIG at Kid to Kid

Yesterday my husband and I were planning on going shopping at Academy for some summer clothes for the kids.  On the way there I spotted our local Kid to Kid store and sweetly asked my hubby if he wouldn't mind going in with me.  He never gets too excited about shopping at thrift stores, (he can't get over the smells or the lack of cleanliness) Anyhoo he agreed reluctantly, and boy am I so glad that he did.  
We walked out spending $60 on 5 pairs of shorts and 4 shirts for Russ, two dresses, 1 pair of shorts, and six tops for Heavenly, and one pair of shorts for Ross. 
*Warning Bad Photo Alert* 

A pair of GAP shorts for Heavenly only $4.50

Usually I spend close to $300 on summer clothes.  I did get lucky this year though, because Ross our youngest already had a lot of summer clothes that he received from older cousins, and Heavenly had some clothes that people bought her for her birthday.  The best part of the trip was that I totally turned My Hubby into a Kid to Kid shopper he was very impressed with how little it cost to buy what would have been a couple hundred dollars worth of clothes from Target, or Walmart. He was also very excited (in that he kept telling me over and over in the car ride on the way home) about their stamp savings plan.  for ever $10 you spend you get a stamp on your card, once its filled up you get like 30% off on your next purchase.

Hollister polo for Russ only $3.50

  If youre not familiar with Kid to Kid you defiantly need to look into it, they will buy old clothes that don't fit your kids for cash, or you can get a store credit plus an extra 20% to spend on your purchase there.  Not only do they sell clothes from 0 months to kids size 16, but they also sell toys, shoes, baby gear, and furniture.  It's a great place to buy gently used stuff for growing kiddos. 
Another place I like to go to is Once Upon a child, they basically sell all the same stuff. 

So what have you been shopping for lately?  Do you have a favorite thrift store that you buy kids clothes at?? 

Well I have a lot to do today we're getting ready for a very busy week of VBS and the house will be full of kids. 

Have a blessed wonderful weekend, Happy Friday!!!

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