Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Citrus Home Deodorizer

How many of you are just like me and love the scent of citrus during the summer months? 
My husband and I both have always been huge scented candle fans, but because of the dangers of having a three year old boy who apparently is a pyro, (he thinks he's a firefighter nuff said) we can't keep candles around Hardly ever.

Fortunately a while back I experimented with just boiling some of our favoring scents over the stove in a small melting pot.  Turns out it puts those scented candles to shame, and saves us a lot of mullah. It is so easy to come up with your own favorite scents. 

Our favorite blend

Two tablespoons of vanilla
1 cinnamon stick
3 key limes or just one regular lime
1 large lemon or orange, (this usually depends on what we have on hand at the time)

Fill the pot up with ingredients and  water then let simmer all day adding water whenever it gets too low.   After the day ends I just cover the pot up and put it in the fridge and use it the next day as well.  Another great blend I found was the one they use at Williams Sonoma, the tutorial for that can be found on Pinterest .

All they add is lemon, vanilla, and rosemary.  I love this one as well.  I really like how vanilla and citrus smells together, it brings a little warm indulgence to the summery scent.

So what are some of your favorite summer scents??  Do you enjoy making your own, or are candles more your thing??  

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