Monday, January 28, 2013

Coupon Crazy

I have been trying to get back into coupon mode.  Today I spent 2 hours of my day just clipping yesterdays Sunday coupons.  I have to say though I was very pleasantly surprised to see four coupon inserts in just one paper.  After buying four papers I had quite a bit of clipping to do.
While on Pinterest the other day I came across a blog that had a long list of many companies who would send you coupons if you asked them to.  I have heard often times of companies doing this but I have never tried.  So I decided maybe this time I should.  To my dismay most of the Companies basically told me not a chance could they send me coupons but I could buy the Sunday morning paper or join their mailing list for future deals.  I felt so discouraged.  How did so many people have such luck and I didn't   After about 50 "NO WAYS"  I finally started to receive letters from companies who were happy to hear from me and sent me coupons.
I really wanted to help my readers out so I decided that I should post the companies who were nice and helpful to me, to save you the time and disappointment not to mention the rejection.  Here goes;

So yes, out of like 100 No way's I did get a few yes's which was well worth the time and effort.  I will now continually be a loyal customer to these companies because they took the time and effort to send me even just one coupon.  So is it silly of me to feel rejected by the other's?
Oh by the way, most of the coupons don't even expire until December of 2013 and one coupon has a "no expiration "date on it.  Yay for small luxuries :)

So I want to know, are there any other companies out there that will send coupons upon request? I would love to add to my list of favorite companies.  :)
                                           As they come in I will update my list and let ya know.

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