Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Minute Problem

Here recently I have been enjoying some alone time with Joel Osteen on youtube.  I love his sermons they’re very uplifting and peaceful.  I understand not all of the teachings of the Bible are uplifting but for the most part if you listen to Joel Osteen his words will motivate you.  Or at least they do me.  J  Today I heard one of his sermons about not allowing something as small as a 5 minute problem take away my joy and destroy my day.  That got me to thinking; I do allow those pesky 5 minute problems determine how my days go.  For example my kids fighting with each other in the morning always puts me in a bad mood which ends up staying with me throughout the day. 
I started thinking of ways to help me move on and not allow these problems to take hold of me.  You see I am a much stressed person, in that I get stressed out to the MAX and have recently been experiencing anxiety attacks.  These attacks do feel like I’m dying at times and I can promise if you have never had one you DO NOT  ever want one. 
So far I have found that just taking some time for myself, knitting, and listening to God’s word has been helpful.  I still have a ways to go but I am determined to not allow those 5 minute problems take away my joy and ruin my day.  J

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