Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Bronzer/Foundation

People who know me best know that I have a great love for any type of skin care product including makeup.  Unfortunately it has been a while since I have allowed myself to wear any makeup other than the occasional use of mascara and lip gloss.  The reason you ask? Well because, after doing much research back when I worked for a day spa, I found that the chemicals that are used in many skin care products are really harmful for the skin and in some cases may increase the aging process.  Since then I have done my best to make sure that nothing goes on my face unless it is natural and light feeling.
I have wanted to buy the Bare Essentials brand for a long time, but its so hard for me to pay so much money on something that don't seem like a huge necessity 
But because of the New Year I have decided that maybe its not such a bad thing to start putting myself second (God first) for a change.  Just a little bit.  Still, I cant afford to spend that much money on foundation, and since I DIY my own skin care regimen then perhaps I can DIY my makeup as well.
So I searched on Pinterest and found some really good recipes to make your own bronzer and foundation using just a few ingredients that are found in most of our kitchens. The one I will share with you good people today is the face bronzer/foundation.    This bronzer is so light and airy on the skin I didn't feel like I was wearing anything at all.  I also need to point out that I slept with the makeup on overnight to see if I would have any negative reaction and since my skin is pretty sensitive I figured I would, but there was no reaction at all.
the ingredients are simple,
corn starch, cocoa powder, and cinnamon
I didn't measure anything just eyeballed it until I came to a color that I liked and that would match my skin well.

For a liquid foundation I used the same ingredients but added the powder mixture to a little bit of my daytime face moisturizer.  Even though the powder mixture looks really dark it actually matched my skin tone really well.  Also I want to add that because there are no artificial chemicals the product does not stay on as long as other store bought foundations or powders.
I was a bit weary about the cinnamon going on my very sensitive face but like I mentioned above I had no negative reaction at all.  In fact I think my skin looked even better and healthier when I woke up. :) Here is a neat little article about the benefits of  cinnamon applied topically.
Now for a before and after.

Before without makeup (my eyeliner is tattooed) and after with the DIY makeup, lip gloss, and some mascara.  I know it's a bad before and after, but seriously it does cover well,  try it and see for yourself :)  Oh and please excuse my bad unplucked eyebrows, I know, I'm starting to look like Burt. 

Next up homemade lip gloss :)
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  1. interesting! i would have never thought you could make your own makeup!