Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines Scarf, and How to Make Yarn Pom-Poms

Not too long ago I wrote about my New Years Resolutions, One of them was that I wanted to teach myself to knit.  Well consider me taught.  :)  It took me a month but I can finally say that I am a knitter.  There are still many, many techniques that I don't know but I'm sure I will learn them along the way.  So far in my first month I have knitted two ear warmers, and 3 1/2 scarfs.  (I'm still working on one)  The one that I'm going to share with you beautiful people today is the latest one that I finished for my lovely Heavenly.  

This scarf was made with a simple basic pearl knit stitch using size 10 U.S. needles.  I found this stitch to be loose, more loose than I originally wanted it to be.  All I did was CO 30, and kept going until I felt it looked just right on her.  I then added the pom-poms to the ends to give it a little something extra.  

To make the pom-poms;

1. simply wind up the yarn around your hand depending on how thick you want your pom-pom's.  I went around my hand 100 times.

2. Next you carefully slide the yarn off your hand, doing your best to keep the same shape as it was when it was wrapped around your hand.
3. Taking a piece of yarn, you then wrap it very tightly around your poof knotting it about two times.  It should now look kinda like a butterfly   

4. Once you have it very secure just take some scissors and start cutting the loops until your pom-pom looks like a pom-pom.  

Then, lastly just cut the scraggly parts off and fluff.  
Super simple.  :)

If my instructions were a bit difficult to follow, I suggest taking a look at this tutorial.  Good Luck!!!
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