Monday, November 12, 2012

100 Reasons For Me To Be...

Since Its just about Thanksgiving time I wanted to write 100 reasons why I am so thankful.  I'm sure in life there are many more than 100 but I knew that I could never write all that I'm thankful for since there is no end to what I am thankful for.  
So without further adieu and in no apparent order, my list.

  1. Jesus loved me so much that he gave his life for me.
  2. The Bible, which is a guide to how I need to live my life, and to remind me of the love and plans that God has for me.
  3. My husband's love for the Lord, Me, and my children
  4. My husbands job, because without it we would not eat.
  5. My pastor 
  6. The wonderful men and women who serve and give their lives for our country
  7. My parents
  8. My sister Helen for loving my children as her own 
  9. my nieces and nephews
  10. Beverly Lewis for writing the best Amish stories ever
  11. premade pie crust, cause I cant seem to get it right on my own
  12. Chapstick
  13. Breath mints (I think everyone should be thankful for breath mints)
  14. Having a roof over my head
  15. Our new car
  16. Ice tea, without it I would die of thirst each day
  17. Netflix, it keeps us from having to pay a high cable bill
  18. Modg Podge
  19. Every single blog that I have listed on the right side of my page, they inspire me :)
  20. Chocolate
  21. The internet
  22. My iPad
  23. Algebra calculators
  24. My childrens's teachers
  25. Having the means to take the kids to Disney World this past summer
  26. My in laws for raising such a wonderful man
  27. Colorado mountains, I sure do miss them
  28. Deodorant (another one everyone should be thankful for)
  29. Excedrin, even though they don't sell it anymore.  I really hope they bring it back, then I can be even more thankful. It was the only thing powerful enough to get rid of my migraines.
  30. My church family
  31. Christmas
  32. Facebook
  33. Aldi, for being much cheaper than Walmart
  34. Coupons
  35. Being able to take the kids to Six Flags throughout the year
  36. Texas BBQ
  37. Country music
  38. Dermalogica eye cream, It really is a miracle worker for the eyes
  39. Flowers, could you imagine the world without them?
  40. Shelters that help women and children leave abusive situations
  41. Shelters that help the homeless
  42. The freedom to pray and worship God
  43. Electricity
  44. Water
  45. Firefighters, Police officers, and Teachers
  46. Pinterest
  47. Iced Coffee
  48. My sister in law, for giving me two wonderful nephews, and for loving my children endlessly
  49. Blogger
  50. My dishwasher ( I hate doing the dishes by hand)
  51. Air conditioning, because even today in November here in Texas we still need it.
  52. The ocean
  53. Vicks Vapor Rub. I love the smell of that stuff.
  54. Books
  55. My online college
  56. My health and the health of my family
  57. Burlap material
  58. The Wiggles, for keeping my children entertained when I couldn't 
  59. My Comfy Cozy Bed, 
  60. Gods Amazing Grace
  61. Fuzzy socks
  62. Baby Nylah (my niece, who has yet to be born, but is a miracle baby to our family)
  63. My memories
  64. The start of a new day
  65. The sunshine after a storm
  66. My extended family
  67. Friends old and new
  68. The ability to make sure my children are clothed, fed, and entertained
  69. Rain
  70. The smell of the crisp air in the Fall
  71. Sushi
  72. Wasabi for my sushi
  73. My niece Sarah
  74. Sarah's amazing doctors
  75. Everyone who's ever prayed for Sarah
  76. My sister Kristine for keeping me informed on Sarah's progress
  77. My sister Janice for all that she has done for me in my life
  78. Pottery Barn
  79. Lessons I have learned throughout my life
  80. The Serenity Prayer
  81. My Grandma Frances, for loving me so much  even though biologically I wasn't hers.  I cant wait to see her again in Heaven someday.
  82. My Grandma Davis, she loved me even when she didn't know me.  I met her when I was 14 and she showed me all the pictures she kept of me from my childhood.
  83. McDonald's, because sometimes ya just need a Big Mac
  84. This wonderful country we call home
  85. The Texas Rangers Baseball team
  86. The color yellow
  87. Snow Angels
  88. Ruthie, my second mom.  She was always there for me and my sister when my mom couldn't be.  I love you.
  89. Extreme Couponing show
  90. eBay
  91. Lego's, for keeping my oldest son so entertained, and bringing out his creative side
  92. My daughters friends, Because upon meeting them at her school the other day I realized how much they love and care for her.  It's important for everyone in the world to have friends like that.
  93. Double sided tape
  94. Tim Hawkins, he is the most hilarious christian comedian, and he always makes me laugh
  95. My vacuum, It doesn't always want to work, but when it does I am oh so very thankful :)
  96. Bug repellent, especially now with all that West Nile flying around
  97. Lazy days 
  98. Soap, yes its so simple, but what if we didn't have it?
  99. The right to vote
  100. My life!!!!!
Well that does it.  I know that a lot of these things may seem silly to some, but honestly if you stop to think of all that you are thankful for you will find that everything, and I do mean everything is worth be thankful for.  Just imagine you life without something, you will soon realize how thankful you are.  

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