Friday, August 17, 2012

My Crutch

Well as much as I hate writing this post because I feel like I defiantly failed, keeping things on here real I should let everyone know that my 100 day vegan plan did not go so well for me.  
At first I did really well, for the first two weeks I ate no meat or dairy.  Unfortunately I got bored of eating the same stuff every single day.  I knew I needed to think of other foods to make, other recipes that would be easy to throw together but I never did.  
Food is an addiction to me, many years ago I gave up smoking.  I was addicted to smoking and once I gave it up I turned to food, creating my new addiction.  Its been really hard having an addictive personality especially when I have a lot of stress going on.  I'm not making any excuses for myself just trying to figure out why I'm having such a hard time.  I really do want to get to that point where I am able to go completely vegan but maybe for now I need to take small steps to eventually get there.  I admire those who are quickly able to take this step, heck I admire those who don't need to use food a a crutch.  Right now, I think I just need to get over this addiction and then go from there.  

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