Monday, February 27, 2012

My $15 Business entry #1

Please excuse the crappy picture, I really need a new camera

I recently started reading this wonderful, and very informative blog written by Mandy whom I have to say has some very wonderful ideas.  Anyway she started a $10 business based on the Book of Matthew and she has been doing very well in the short time that she's been doing it.  For more information just go to her blog and read about it here.  After reading about how much success she has had on it in just a short time, I decided to give it a try too.  Except mine will be a little different, for starters I am starting out with $15 because that's what I had to start out with, also she is doing hers for 2 years, I plan on only lasting one year, or however long it takes me to gather enough money to buy this couch from Pottery Barn.  Which I guess in all reality could take me five years.


It's so lovely, and in case no one knew this about me, I am so obsessed with Pottery Barn.  Anyway back to the plan.  

So I want to see how far $15 will go in one year.  In one year Mr. Fireman and I plan to buy our home and I really want to make one big purchase and that is this couch.  

So you cant start a business (no matter the size) without a few rules so here they are;
1. I cannot pay myself anything, all the money I make goes right back into the pot so it can continue to grow
2. All transactions will be done with only the cash that has been made from the $15 Business
3. Cant go over that amount of cash that has been made, meaning I cant go into debt over this little business venture
Simple enough don't ya think!!  I'm super excited about this plan, and I cant Waite to get started.  Wish me luck!! Pottery Barn Pearce Leather couch here I come !!!

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