Friday, September 28, 2012

40 days of prayer

Today starts a very difficult six week journey for me.  My pastor has asked that our church join him in fasting and prayer for forty days.  
Fasting does not always mean not eating.  It can be just giving up something you enjoy a bit too much, or something that would be difficult to surrender   This is not supposed to be a comfortable thing.  And for me the choice was a hard one.  
As a family we decided to not eat any red meat, but for myself I decided that there will be no sugar of any kind, and the hardest of all no TV and no Internet. I do plan to blog once a week and continue with my school work.  
I'm going to use this time instead to pray for our nation.  Being the couch potato I am, this is a big deal for me, especially since all my shows are returning this week and next week.  It may sound silly to most but for me its going to be a trying time. 
 I do hope that in the end I will feel less dependent on such things and more dependent on the Lord.  Which is how it ought to be.  So here's to the next 40 days, may this time bring me closer to God, and if its even possible closer to my family.

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